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december 9, 1954

After the YMCA fire of last week, a copper box was taken from the cornerstone of the building. The box was approximately 10x6x4 inches. Contained in the box, according to David Wheeler, was a copy of the Sept. 16, 1877, Marion Record, a world atlas, a county map, a city plat map, a picture and floor plan of the building, Masonic lodge books and papers including a copy of The Watchman. Authenticity of the maps was attested by Mr. Walton, county clerk.

First prize in the Marion Chamber of Commerce outdoor home lighting and decorations contest this year will be $25. Second prize is to be $20; third, $15; fourth, $10; fifth and sixth, $7.50; and seventh through ninth, $5 each.

R.R. Melton, M.D. will reopen his office soon in rooms above Beaston Market. His former office was consumed in the fire at the YMCA building last week. Dr. Melton was in Kansas City this week procuring new equipment.

Ray Richmond wasn’t present to collect $30 when his name was called Monday evening at the Kaw Theatre.

Pat Hart celebrated her birthday Saturday with a slumber party at her home. Invited guests were Elsie Smith, Judy Cogdill, Anita Kline, Nova Bredemeier, Pat DeWitt, Janet Priddle, Etta Rempel, Judy Thatch, Carol Allen, Nila Hoopes, Ann Davies, Wanda Propp, Carolyn Merrill and Neva Stenzel.

Last modified Dec. 4, 2014