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february 2, 1956

Rev. Arthur Tonne, Pilsen pastor and author of the book, “The Story of Chaplain Kapaun,” is in Kansas City today to address the monthly luncheon meeting of the Sierra Club International at Hotel Muehlebach. Father Tonne will present some up-to-minute data on the influence of the heroic chaplain on people of every walk of life.

Fred D. Allen, Marion city clerk, this week was appointed county clerk by the Marion County commissioners. Allen fills the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Francis R. Roberts.

Jim Yeagley, a recent customer at the Owl Car Café, ordered a cup of coffee from Jo Kline. Somehow or other an argument arose over how Jim was to pay for his coffee. Terms of barter were arranged and Jim, being a farmer, agreed that he should pay for all future cups with an egg, one egg for each cup. Next day, Jim came in. He had an egg to pay for his cup of coffee and thought he was really pulling one on Jo, as the egg was hard-boiled. But, Jo had the last laugh. When she handed him his cup of coffee, she got it out of the Deepfreeze. Frozen solid!

The famous Sallk serum to combat poliomyelitis is once more being given to children in Marion County. Those of ages one through nine may receive the shots. Second shots will be given one month after the first one and a possible third shot will come at an estimated seven months later.

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