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july 19, 1956

The new water well northeast of town has been on the pump steadily since June 10 and is holding up better than expected. The water is of good quality and quantity seems to be more than enough, leaving the conclusion that there is no water problem at present.

Sale of the physical property, real estate, and other property of the abandoned New Hope School, two miles north and one and one-half west of Aulne, is advertised this week. The building will be sold as will books, desks, heaters, etc.

Harry Woodring, former governor of Kansas and present candidate for the Democrat nomination for the office, will be in Marion Friday for a noon luncheon meeting.

A direct lightning hit at the Orison Funk farm about three miles north of Marion on the old Lincolnville road and flames completely destroyed an implement shed and hay shed last Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hett, Rockney, Bruce, LaVonda and Shelley are vacationing a few days at the Lake of the Ozarks. Mrs. John Manuel is staying at the Hett home taking care of Teresa while her parents are gone.

John R. Williams, 3/C, a sophomore at the U.S. Naval Academy is aboard the USS Destroyer Sigourney on a training cruise in the Atlantic. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Marion.

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