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april 18, 1957

Detailed plans will soon be announced for countywide “Polio Vaccine Drive” aimed at bringing polio protection to more than 2,500 adults in Marion County between the ages of 20 and 40. As soon as enough of the Salk serum is available, a date will be set up for special clinics in towns of the county. It is hoped to have the first two of the total of three shots administered by mid-summer.

The newly remodeled and redecorated Owl Car Café opened for business Thursday. Vastly improved, with the addition of booths, new doorway, larger windows, and additional kitchen equipment, the café is planning an open house as soon as the new glass door arrives and is installed in the front entrance.

Over 100 Marion High School and Junior High School athletes will be guests Monday evening at the annual Athletic Banquet. Bob Kurland, one of the nation’s most outstanding basketball players will be speaker of the evening.

The annual Senior Class play, “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,” will be presented April 26 at the city auditorium. In the cast are Mickey Seaton, Elda Pankratz, Margie Bernhardt, John Minear, Margaret McClain, Bruce Coe, Bob Eckstrom, Warren Gardner, Wade Robertson, Maxine Hinz, Mary Lou Conyers, Roland Vogel, Jon Thole, Johnny Price, and Frank Leutschaft.

Mr. and Mrs. Wes Just have purchased the home at 210 S. Lincoln. Mr. Just is caretaker at the high school gym and vocational ag building.

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