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may 2, 1963

Four of the many Bown-Corby youngsters involved in a scene from this year’s May Fete production, “The Animal Fair,” are pictured on the front page. An old raccoon, by the light of the moon, who combed her auburn hair, is Nancy Bennett. A little skunk in a trunk is Carol Steinel, and a monkey about to fall is Tommy Britain. An elephant who sneezed and fell on his knees is Richard Britain.

Plans are being made to ring all the school and church bells on July 4 this year. All across the country, bells will ring. In Marion, the hour will be high noon. It seems appropriate that these bells of freedom will ring atop our religious and educational institutions.

LeRoy Hoffman, salesman and service manager at Marion Hardware, is this week taking an all-expense paid trip to Louisville, Kentucky. He will see trial runs of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs and will tour the famous General Electric Appliance Park.

One of the more modern installations at Marion High School is the “language laboratory.” This is the latest equipment for teaching foreign languages and is proving valuable as well as popular. Annie Loewen is the language instructor. She is pictured with a group of students as they study German.

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