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february 26, 1948

Appearing recently over Marion are 25 bright, new, shiny Ford gumball machines — inviting adults and children to have a chew for a penny and at the same time produce revenue to help underprivileged children in the community. Twenty-five Marion merchants have donated counter space for the machines placed by the Kiwanis Club.

The basement of the Hill grade school is being converted into a shop for the use of the G.I. Vocational Agriculture class. It is expected that classes will begin March 1.

Twentieth Century Club was the name chosen Monday evening for the new junior women’s organization being sponsored by Coterie Club. The membership includes Mrs. Jack Summerville, Ella Marie Reinke, Joan Wight, Delores Edmunds, Wanda Ireland, Corrine Longhofer, Rose Marie Avery, Margie Frazier, Charlene Kuhn, Norma Jean Province, and Norma Jean Sandwell.

The Cubby Hole at 132 N. 2nd St. advertises deluxe hamburgers, good coffee, delicious ice cream, and beverages. “A treat you will repeat.”

The flag that could not be dislodged from the top of the pole at the courthouse is down, due to the work of Harry Helmer who was able to jerk it loose after climbing about 25 feet up the pole. Now the problem is getting the rope back up over the pulley so the flag can again be run to the top of the pole. Any flagpole sitters in the area?

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