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september 16, 1948

Last week, without any fanfare, this newspaper began its 79th year of publication, permitting it to stand up with the other old timers and be counted this Old Settlers’ Day.

Sanitary Service is beginning to be established, however there have been some abuses. It was not intended that residents and businesses cease burning burnable trash. Failure to burn this material causes a slowing up of the service. Another abuse is that trash is not being placed in suitable containers. Pasteboard boxes are not suitable unless kept in a dry place. Please use metal containers.

Billy Herbert and Judy Coons entertained their friends with a line party to the show and a slumber party at the Herbert home last Friday. Guests were Nancy Keazer, Connie Sue Long, Vicki Black, LeNore Wheeler, Jeanette Russell, Carmen Siebert and Carol Krispense.

Two local baseball teams will take the field Sunday night for a donkey ball game. The question is, whether or not the players can handle a long-eared braying burro, a ball, and a bat all at the same time.

Wm. N. Grimes, 82, who is here for Old Settlers’ Day, took the “old M and M branch to Lehigh” Monday, then walked down the track to the McPherson County line (about five miles) looking for the grave where early Indian victim, Nelson Miller, is buried. He’s some walker because he arrived in Florence Sunday and decided not to wait for the Doodlebug, but walked to Marion.

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