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october 27, 1949

Notice is hereby given by the Marion City Commission that bicycles are not to be ridden on the sidewalks at any time. Bicycles and motor scooters are not to be ridden after dark without proper lighting.

Five area men, including August Lalouette of Florence and Jess Coons, Scotty Gound, Doc McCandless, and Charles Winkley of Marion were hunting deer and elk near Walden, Colorado, the past week when a towering brown or grizzly bear charged at them from 50 feet away.

The bear was felled after three shots by Lalouette and one from Lalouette’s hunting companion and rolled down the mountain.

The 6’6” 500-pound animal finally was brought up to a clearing after two days of strenuous labor. It now will be taken a taxidermist to be mounted.

Marlys Rupp entertained members of the Junior High Department of the Methodist Sunday school Monday evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rupp. The young people enjoyed a truck ride to the country where they had a Halloween party in the Rupp barn.

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