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june 22, 1950

Implement dealers will attest to the fact that the past two weeks have been marked with feverish activity getting equipment ready for the impending wheat harvest.

Combine crews are ready, a few trail runs have been made, and with a decent weather break the golden flood will start pouring into elevators and storage bins the first of next week.

Four teams — Marion, Salina, Peabody, and Newton — remain for this weekend’s semi-finals of the district semi-pro baseball tournament being staged at the Marion Athletic Association ball park.

Seven truck drivers employed by Seymour Packing Company have received certificates of award and pins for safe driving without an accident of any sort.

Receiving the awards were: Jacob Wunsch and C.J. Ecker, each with 11 years; Bill May, 8 years; Hank Sklenar, Levern Ottensmeier, and Delphos Mehlinger, 3; and Henry Klose, 2.

Marion Creamery, producer of dairy and associated products, has purchased a 26-foot semi-trailer ice cream truck to deliver Grade A milk, Snow Crop frozen foods, and Wolf’s ice cream to many localities throughout the state. The new purchase brings the total of trucks now utilized by the company to six.

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