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may 24, 1951

The entire county was deeply shocked and saddened last Thursday evening as word spread of an automobile accident approximately eight miles southeast of Marion on US-77 in which two Marion High School students, Shirley Mayfield, 16, and Jackie Lais, 15, lost their lives and five others were seriously injured as the car in which they were riding went out of control and into the path of an approaching gasoline truck.

The injured were Nancy Allen, 15, Jerry Brose, 15, Shirley Tiemeier, 15, Donald Kline, 14, and Diana Herbert, 14. Four are members of the sophomore class, one is a freshman.

Residents of Florence are interested in the legal battle developing over the $100,000 estate of a Wichita woman who left most of her property to a Florence man, Herman Steinbuchel, who ran errands and did other things for the woman during his younger days.

Bequests to the woman’s relatives were mostly $500 although a few were larger. In one instance the will reads, “To my sister, Winnie S. Lehrer, now of Paducah, Kentucky, the sum of $1,000, and she will know the reason why.”

Measles over Marion County are in an almost epidemic stage at present according to Dr. T.C. Ensey, county health officer. Chickenpox also is prevalent in Marion with several cases of whooping cough reported from Goessel. Peabody and Hillsboro have their share of measles also.

The annual awards ceremony of Marion High School was held Wednesday. Charles Muse was valedictorian of the senior class and also received the Balfour scholarship award.

Sarabel Wolf received the good manners award from Funk and Wagnalls along with an autographed copy of Emily Post’s book, “Etiquette.”

Beard Memorial awards for courtesy went to Robert Skibbe and Marjory Collett, and Danforth awards to Charles Muse and Roberta Newsom.

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