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jan. 15, 1948

At least another year will pass before Congress will consider appropriating money for the flood control dam proposed to be built on the Cottonwood River about 1½ miles above Marion. Congress’s general policy is to hold back starting new works until those already underway are completed or nearing completion.

Slusser Drilling Co. last week brought in a fine wildcat oil well eight miles north of Marion on the Adolph Holub farm. The well produced 100 barrels of oil the first day. It is expected to level off to about 50 barrels a day, which is a good well.

Jack Holder suffered a stroke of paralysis while at work Saturday morning at Holder Barber Shop. He is being cared for at the home of his sister and brother, Elizabeth and Al Holder. He remains quite ill.

Sonny Boy, pet cat belonging to Tommy Matlock, died last week at the ripe age of 21 years, surely near a record for longevity in the feline kingdom.

Ownership of Marion Recreation Parlor passed Saturday from Everett Talbot to Kenneth Bigler and Gordon DeWesse of Wichita. The two, who are experienced in running such an establishment, took over Monday. They plan to secure necessary equipment for the bowling alleys and will open them for use in the near future.

Last modified Jan. 12, 2023