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MHS grads almost double last year's scholarships

Staff writer

Marion High School Class of 2016 collectively accepted $144,648 in scholarships for their transition into different colleges and continuing education, according to MHS counselor Mark Felvus.

If all scholarships are received for full value across the next two to four years that amount could triple, he said.

“This class could earn up to $430,636 in scholarship funds,” Felvus said. “This year’s class almost doubled what last year’s class earned.”

He said the class of 2015 earned about $88,000 for their first year of college and up to about $290,000 if the full value is accepted over the next two to four years.

Felvus said there are close to 20 scholarships throughout the city and county available to students each year.

“We have a very committed local scholarship community that supports our kids very well,” he said.

Many local scholarships are around $500, some are larger, and some statewide, regional, and national scholarships reach $2,000, he said.

“Kids put a lot of work in,” Felvus said. “Some students put 10 to 20 hours in on scholarship applications and from what they made, that’s a heck of an hourly wage.”

Scholarship recipients include: Matthew Baker, Sydnee Baldwin, Marshelle Conley, Wesley Dicks, Reann Hamm, Kirsten Hansen, Shyla Harris, Kristen Herzet, Erika Hess, Brittany Hett, Adam Kjellin, Kayla Kroupa, John Lind, Elizabeth Meyer, Austin Molleker, Karen Nordquist, Dylan Pippin, Remington Putter, McKenzee Remmers, Bailey Robson, Emily Schneider, Nicholas Stuchlik, and Courtney Williams.

Last modified May 19, 2016