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Mini camper leads to new mentality

Staff writer

Jack Duffen’s journey to Marion began in Olathe, but it took him four years and thousands of miles.

His trip began in 2015, when he sold his house and bought a teardrop camper to drive the West Coast.

“When I bought it, I had been in my house 20 years and sold everything,” he said. “What I could fit in my camper and Jeep was all I owned.”

The camper has space for a queen-size bed and fold-out kitchen space. The tight quarters taught Duffen about deciding between necessities and luxuries.

“We’re raised with excess,” he said.

Duffen settled in Washington State for a few years before moving to Marion in December. He has more space since buying a house he plans to remodel on E. Main St. but maintains an efficient lifestyle.

“I don’t spend a lot of money on thrills or extras,” he said. “It’s pretty much what I need.”

Duffen decided to move to Marion because he enjoyed Kansas and wanted a rural setting.

“Kansas is where I’m from originally,” he said. “I missed it.”

Since moving to Marion, Duffen has had conversations with interested passers-by about his camper.

“It has the look, but it’s nothing fancy,” he said.

Last modified June 6, 2019