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Most debris gone from illegal dump site

Staff Writer

Bricks, boxes and random collectibles still clutter the front entrance, but a Lost Springs property once deemed an illegal dump site is no longer buried in wood pallets and piles of trash.

City councilman Jessica Moenning is grateful for improvements, at 106 S. Berry that were the result of a week’s cleanup by county employees.

“It’s a lot better than what it was,” she said.

The county deemed three properties occupied by Steve Williams illegal dump sites in November after residents complained about trash, waste, and debris, planning and zoning director Sharon Omstead said.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment will reimburse the county up to 75% of the cleanup’s costs.

Toby Kuhn, an enforcement specialist with the agency, said workers removed all items determined to be solid waste.

Old appliances, household items, waste tires, rotted lumber, and trash all were taken to the Butler County landfill.

“This was pretty typical of what we see across the state and what KDHE gets involved in,” he said, adding Williams was very cooperative throughout the process.

However, the state does not have the authority to remove items from inside a building or on a porch, he said.

“Some of the items on the porch had some value,” he said.

Omstead said residents who have a problem with debris should reach out to their city council and encourage them to implement an ordinance.

Moenning sympathizes with Williams, but is glad the area no longer harbors a potential hazard.

“It’s such a fine line between having the freedom to do what you want to your property and responsibility to neighbors,” she said.

Last modified Jan. 20, 2021