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Mother encourages son’s dream, but he falls in TV audition

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Aspiring 17-year-old singer Justin Terrel has no shortage of love, support, and believers in his vocal ability.

In preparation for his audition to sing on the NBC TV series “The Voice,” his mother, Sharon Terrel of Marion, wanted to show him just how tightly knit his support net was.

“I just thought t-shirts were a good way for his friends and family to help show support,” Terrel said.

More than 85 people purchased a t-shirt with her son’s name, a microphone graphic, and several inspirational quotes about following dreams, as well as the date and venue for his audition.

Justin’s fans came from as far away as Newton, McPherson, and Parsons. Some included donations of $5 and $10 along with $15 for the t-shirt.

“People have been very generous and so many have been sending us prayers,” she said.

Last summer, Justin was disappointed during a regional qualifying round for Simon Cowell’s Fox TV series “X Factor,” but that disappointment made him focus and practice harder.

Sharon used to compete in singing competitions. However, she was 30 years old before she realized she had a vocal aptitude.

“My parents weren’t so supportive,” Sharon said. “But my brother, Mike Ratzloff, always said I should be in Nashville.

“The dream of mine is gone. I don’t want it anymore. Now it’s Justin’s. My vision of life is to be a grandmother and watch Justin follow his dream.”

Out of about 4,000 contestants, Justin was selected on Saturday to proceed to a second round of auditions. He recorded two songs Monday at Rocky Mountain Recording Studio he had been practicing.

Sharon wrote in a Monday Facebook post that Justin was not chosen to proceed to the final round, but judges offered him some useful feedback.

“He was told to continue to sing for large crowds and to get himself out there,” she wrote.

“He’s already a star in his parents’ eyes,” she wrote. “We love you Justin! Mom and Dad...”

Last modified June 26, 2014