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Motocross rider injured

The opening race of the 2012 Central Kansas Motocross Series at Green Acres MX track in Marion was marred Sunday by an injury accident.

Marion Ambulance was dispatched to the track at 3:20 p.m. for a 19-year-old male motocross rider injured during a race. He was transported to St. Luke Hospital, where he was stabilized and then transported by Lifeteam helicopter to Via Christi-St. Francis in Wichta.

The name and condition of the rider were not released, but Green Acres MX owner Shelli Hardy provided additional details about the race in which the rider was injured.

“That class was the 250C class, and C is a beginner rider,” Hardy said. “There is always a lot of entries in that class because that’s where riders usually start.”

There were 25 entrants who started the race, and the accident occurred on the first lap when riders were coming out of the first turn, Hardy said.

“Typically in motocross, all tracks their first turns are narrow. They’re all going to the first turn trying to get the top position. Then they make the turn and separate out from there,” Hardy said. “It happened out of the first turn, where they’re jockeying for position.”

Hardy said motocross is a sport that involves families, and in turn they create a family-like atmosphere at motocross events. She said race attendees were shaken by the accident.

“They’re all feeling very upset about what happened to that young man,” Hardy said. “They know it can happen to them, but when it happens to someone else it makes it even harder to take.”

Hardy said several participants in the 250C race withdrew following the accident, while others completed the event.

Green Acres MX was open Saturday for riders to practice if they chose to, and again Sunday morning for 2-lap practice runs. Hardy said motocross riders are well-aware of the risks.

“They understand there are risks, they sign a waiver, it’s written out plainly to them so they know. This is the sport they chose, and they know the risks,” Hardy said.

Last modified March 21, 2012