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Motorist eludes police in dusty chase

Staff writer

A motorist fled police and evaded arrest Sunday after a chase down dusty, gravel roads near Hillsboro.

The chase began about 10 p.m. when officer John Huebert attempted to pull over a vehicle that had “issues with its taillights,” after it left Casey’s General Store, according to assistant chief Jessey Hiebert.

“The driver never pulled over and went out of town onto some gravel roads,” Hiebert said.

Radio transmissions indicate that Huebert crossed US-56 and traveled north on Indigo Rd. While heading west on 210th Rd. he radioed that the vehicle was a Chevrolet truck with a crew cab and a lift kit.

Huebert and another officer pursued him, but the driver eluded capture by using a series of quick turns down different gravel roads in a “jacked up” old black pickup, eventually cutting through a field.

“Most of the chase happened in dust,” Hiebert said. “That’s how they lost the vehicle.”

In a chase on dusty roads, he said, police usually increase distance between themselves and a dust cloud because of the dangers of low visibility and potential collisions with other vehicles.

Police later discovered a vehicle they thought had fled them, Hiebert said, there is a suspect.

However, he said , no arrests had been made as of Monday.

Last modified Jan. 12, 2017