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Mrs. Hanneman's PBES first-grade class

Mrs. Hanneman’s Peabody-Burns Elementary School first-grade class

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus doing? I hope you are having a good time. I would like to have a baseball bat and mitt for Christmas because I do not have any. Could I also have a cell phone? Merry Christmas,

Christopher Spencer

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving us elves. I like hunting for them at school and home. How do you give presents to all the kids? I would like some books to read for Christmas and a sled. I could then go sledding down the hill. Merry Christmas,

Cade Gossen

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like to have a cell phone and an iPod. The phone could help me be safe. I could have fun on the iPod. I hope that the elves make a good amount of toys for everybody. Could my mom have a new car? Thank you for what you will be bringing me. Merry Christmas,

Jozelynn Weerts

Dear Santa,

I would like a DS for Christmas. One more thing I would like is a tablet. You are the only and best Santa in the world. What kind of cookies do you like best? I will have a glass of milk and cookies waiting for you. Merry Christmas,

Maddy Blythe

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like to have a new sled and a horse. How are the reindeer doing? How are you doing? Do you have a tree up in your house? I am trying to be nice. Your friend,

Leyton Coover

Dear Santa,

I want a dirt bike from you, Santa. It would be fun to ride! I would also like to have a race track. What do the elves do? Merry Christmas,

Charlie Blunck

Dear Santa,

I like Rudolph. His nose lights up. Do you make Christmas toys? Can I have some earrings for Christmas? Can I also get a necklace? Merry Christmas,

Angelina Fistler

Dear Santa,

I would like a new chalkboard for Christmas and a new sled. Then I could slide in the snow. Why don’t all the reindeer have a red nose? How old is Mrs. Claus? Merry Christmas,

Andrew Reynolds

Dear Santa,

I would like to have some high heels for Christmas. Could I also have some makeup to put on my face? Thank you for bringing these presents to me. What do you do at the North Pole? Merry Christmas,

Crystal Johnson

Dear Santa,

I would like some high heels and a bow and arrow for Christmas. I would like to shoot deer, bears, and coyotes. I like the reindeers. Do the elves have a list about who is naughty or nice? Merry Christmas,

Chyanne Creely

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