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Mysterious bone falls on driver's windshield

Staff writer

Norma Kline of Marion did not expect things to be falling out of the sky while sitting in her car at Walgreens in Newton.

“It was the strangest thing,” she said. “I was sitting in my car waiting for my friend to get what she needed in the store and I heard this bang on my windshield, and then there lay a bone in the windshield gutter.”

Kline thought someone might have thrown it at her car. It did not break her windshield, but it did scare her.

“I looked around to see if anyone had thrown it, which would have been hard to do since the car was quite close to the building but there was no one around,” she said. “I opened the door and did hear geese flying overhead.”

The bone is about 4 inches long and large, Kline said. She kept it and took it home to show her husband because she knew he would never believe her story without the evidence. She is trying to figure out what animal it might have come from, or what it might have been carrying it.

“I should take it to Gerald Wiens and ask him,” she said. “He’s an expert on wildlife.”

Last modified Dec. 11, 2013