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Nabbed nanny goat still missing

Staff writer

A pregnant dappled Boer goat named White Zin that disappeared from a Hillsboro residence around the turn of the New Year may have given birth by now, but she and her kids are still missing.

Goat owners Charles and Teresa Naerebout continue the search for White Zin, who Teresa said was a first-time mother.

“White Zin’s babies would have been born and be walking by now,” Teresa said, “but if she had troubles with birth, she and the babies could have died.”

Despite putting up “Missing Goat” flyers around town, talking to people in the community, posting on social media, and numerous prayers from friends and family, Teresa said they have not heard or seen any clues to their goats’ fate or whereabouts.

“We think about it every time we go outside,” Teresa said. “Not knowing is the worst part.”

Questions related to why White Zin might have been stolen regularly surface in conversation, Teresa said.

“You wonder if it was some kind of cult thing or if they just wanted to eat her,” she said. “But our theory is that they wanted that specific goat. The babies can get pretty good money.”

If the Boer kids are indeed alive, once they reach six weeks they can go for up to $1,600, she said.

“We’d still really like them back, but if someone has them we just hope they take care of them, even if they don’t give them back,” Teresa said.

Last modified Jan. 28, 2016