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Neighbor's chickens ruffle feathers: Mayor agrees to review ordinance

Staff writer

Marion property that annoys neighbors was once again the topic of discussion when city council members heard from a resident of the 700 block of S. Roosevelt during Monday’s meeting.

Nickolas Hett and his wife, Ann Hett, showed photos of Alan and Jennifer Stapleford’s property at 716 S. Roosevelt, where the Hetts claimed there are 20 chickens, four dogs often running at large, a cluttered yard not cleaned often enough, and both odor and debris from the chickens blowing into neighboring yards along with smoke from a fire pit.

“I’m tired of having to see, smell, hear, and clean up after my neighbor’s property,” Nickolas Hett told council members.

Hett asked for both stricter ordinances and stepped-up enforcement.

“It upsets me that I cannot have my dog on my property unleashed,” Hett said.

Another neighbor is attempting to sell their residence and Hett sees people viewing the house up for sale and looking across the street at the troublesome property.

“I agree the council needs to review what’s on the books,” mayor Todd Heitschmidt said.

Heitschmidt put the matter on the agenda for the next meeting.

Council members voted to approve a bid to renew the city’s insurance policy with EMC Insurance Companies. The policy, costing $81,784 per year, is about $2,000 more than last year, but adds coverage for data compromise, identity recovery, and third-party liability protection.

Also approved was Ordinance 1403 restoring two-way traffic on N. Third. The ordinance goes into effect April 6.

Last modified March 31, 2016