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Neighbors' rivalry results in lawn prank

Staff writer

A friendly KU/K-State rivalry between Rick Terrel and Gary Williams resulted in some creative lawn mowing last week.

Becky Williams said that she and her husband had gone to church and when they returned they saw the “KU” mowed into their lawn.

“It’s actually a joke,” Rick said. “I’ve been telling him I was going to do it for awhile now.”

“Rick is a trickster,” his wife Sharon Terrel said.

The letters measured approximately 30-by-30 feet.

Originally, Terrel had staked a couple of metal Jayhawks heads in the letters too. However, Terrel said Gary joked that he would recycle them if Terrel didn’t remove them.

Terrel cheers for both KU and K-State but he likes KU a little more.

However, the Williamses are die-hard K-State fans, so KU was an unusual thing for them to see cut into their lawn.

The guys always kid each other about their teams, Becky Williams said, but this is the first time either one has played a team-related prank on the other.

“We watch a lot of games together,” she said. “We watch all the sports; football, basketball, baseball.”

They plan to continue watching all the games together because all parties involved knew it was all in good fun.

Last modified Sept. 5, 2013