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New culvert needed at Tampa park

Staff writer

Mayor Tim Svoboda informed Tampa’s city council at their meeting May 7 that a new culvert is needed at the ballpark entrance. Paul Backhus volunteered to pick up a culvert. Wilbert Backhus moved, and Don Zaideman seconded to buy the new culvert for the ball field. The motion carried.

Svoboda asked Russell Kerbs about the condition of the culvert next to his place.

“There is a hole in it,” said Kerbs.

“Maybe we should just as well get that one while we’re at it,” Svoboda said.

Ty Peterson moved, and Zaideman seconded to get another culvert for that location. The motion carried.

The council discussed mechanical problems with the city’s tractor including a leaking radiator and problems with the clutch.

“I called Davey [Hein] and he came and looked at it,” Svoboda said. “And I called Straub. Davey has ordered parts for it.”

Svoboda asked the council about the city mower, which was being repaired.

“It’s done,” said Kerbs. “I don’t know when I can go get it.”

“I can go get it tomorrow after work,” Zaideman said.

Svoboda said the people working on the road have been piling asphalt on the city lot.

“I asked what they were going to do with it, and they said they’d haul it off,” he said. “I asked if we could have it, and they said we could.”

There was some discussion about using the asphalt to patch streets before it sets up.

Svoboda reported that the county has ceded Lots 37, 38, 39, and 40 south of the track to the city and asked what the council wants to do with them. No decision was made on the issue.

Next on the agenda was a recent dog problem in city limits.

“I talked to Mike Ottensmeier and Susan Robson about the dog problem,” Svoboda said. “The county attorney wrote a letter warning the residents involved to keep their dogs confined. If this does not happen, we’re to call the sheriff, and he will come and pick up the dogs.”

Wilbert Backhus said some wagon tongues that had been left next to the senior center were infested with termites.

“I think we need to have this building checked out,” he said. “We don’t want to get termites in here.”

Zaideman moved and Peterson seconded to have the building inspected. Wilbert Backhus volunteered to arrange for the inspection.

The council approved the following bills for payment: $250 for stop signs, $275 for a fire extinguisher, $421 for culverts, $75 for hauling, $191 for rock, and $212 for spraying weeds.

Last modified May 24, 2012