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New engineer feels at home in Marion

Staff writer

Andrew Brunner understood his commitment when he applied with EBH and Associates.

There is not a high turnover rate within the company, so when a new engineer is hired, it is hoped to be a long-term commitment.

“Being in the rural cities of Kansas, it’s sometimes tough to find, especially younger people, but professionals that want to come out to rural communities,” manager Darin Neufeld said. “The main thing was, not only are you going to be a good engineer, but willing to live in rural Kansas forever.”

Brunner, a 24-year-old Kansas State alum from Silver Lake, moved to Marion with his wife, Jenna, in late June. Jenna works from home as a sales representative for GTM Sportswear in Manhattan. They own a dog named Zoey.

Brunner feels like the move was a good fit.

“I’m a big fisherman, so it actually turned out good because there’s water everywhere,” he said.

I’ve really always had a passion for and taken a great liking in construction, design, and civil engineering. It’s just what really fit me.”

Last modified Aug. 8, 2013