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New police dog on patrol in Marion

Staff writer

A new officer is on duty with the Marion police force and though she has four legs, a deep growl, and a bit of a shedding problem, she is ready and willing to take up patrol life with her partner, Officer Mike Stone.

“Ana is a Czech shepherd,” Stone said. “She is a hard dog, meaning she is genetically bred to work.”

The new patrol dog is specifically trained for apprehension, narcotics detection, and patrol work, and is completely dedicated to serving at Officer Stone’s side.

“Wherever I am, that is where she will be,” Stone said. “During her adjustment period we even had to bring her kennel into the house because she didn’t want to be out of my sight.”

Ana replaces Raven, another Czech shepherd who served with Marion City police for several years. Raven now lives with Marion Police Chief Tyler Mermis as a family dog, retired due to hip dysplasia issues, but officers still consider her a member of the police force.

Stone said the going price for dogs like Raven and Ana is from $7,000 to $10,000.

“We are very grateful to Steve Cross, of Cross Valley K9s, for giving Ana to us,” Stone said. “He wanted her to go into a working situation like what we have here.”

Even though Stone officially owns Ana and pays for most of her feed, care, and training expenses out of his own pocket, the police department appreciates donations from the community to help with her upkeep. Chief Mermis recently sent letters to community businesses requesting donations for the $2,500 needed yearly for police dog care.

“The city donated a kennel for her, but until they decide it is worth creating a line item for the budget, I have to pay for all of her needs,” Stone said. “It is really nice to have a dog of this caliber available for city use. If there were ever a school shooting, a drug bust, a missing child, or any need for a tracking dog, we are here, ready to serve.”

Ana was born and raised in Mulvane. She is two-years-old and comes from proven working bloodlines that date back to former Czech Republic border patrol dogs. Officer Stone came to the Marion City police force in August 2012 after serving as Police Chief in Florence.

Last modified March 20, 2013