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New welding shop opens in Peabody

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Pease Family Farm, outside Peabody, has expanded to include mobile welding, fabrication, and welding repair services.

A farm store is coming later.

The farm, which began in the fall of 2022, has sold eggs, jellies, and jams since then. Original plans were to grow a large garden and sell produce, Darcy Pease said.

Tara Pease, who makes jellies and jams, recently had a baby and is not finding much time to be in the kitchen. She will be back at it soon, husband Darcy Pease said.

Darcy, a welder since his high school days, has done welding and fabrication work professionally since his graduation in 2005.

“As soon as I graduated high school, I went into a welding factory and have done it ever since,” he said. “I think I was 13 or 15 years old when I started doing welding projects.”

Working in a welding factory became monotonous, and he wanted to work on more of a variety of projects, so he has struck out on his own with a welding shop at Pease Family Farm.

So far, he’s made a bike rack, trash can receptacles, a log arch, goat stands, and many items of yard art.

“Pretty much a lot of the things I’ve built, people bring me pictures, and I’ve looked at it and figured it out and made it from there,” Pease said.

He also plans some specialty items to raise money and awareness.

Tara’s oldest son has autism, and Darcy wants to build items to raise autism awareness and give the proceeds to a Wichita day camp her son attends.

“He hasn’t missed a summer yet, so we make sure he has the chance to do it,” he said. “This summer, I’ll probably make some cutouts of ribbons for breast cancer.”

His grandmother died of breast cancer.

“Nobody needs to go through cancer or losing a mother or a grandmother to that,” he said.

Darcy grew up in Walton and has lived in Peabody about 12 years.

Tara grew up in Peabody. Her family moved away for a short while, but she returned to the area, and the couple met each other after her return.

Darcy’s jelly specialties include dandelion and sand plum flavors.

“Last year she made 62 jars of sand plum jelly, and one woman bought it all,” he said.

The couple sponsored turtle races during Peabody’s last two Fourth of July celebrations. They plan to sponsor turtle races again this year.

They can be reached at (316) 727-1630.

Last modified June 6, 2024