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Now is the time

Monday morning is when patriots worthy of the label will start draining the swamp and reclaiming the people’s role as masters of a functioning democracy.

If you’re tired of a government that seems unwilling to listen, unwilling to let taxpayers know what it’s doing, unwilling to challenge the stranglehold public employees often have over public policy, Monday morning is when you need to becoming willing to volunteer or encourage your neighbor to do something about it.

Whether it’s serving in the lowest level of politics — as a precinct committeeman or committeewoman — or an important county or legislative position, now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid not just of their party but of their country.

No office is too small. Nearly all current county officials were picked originally not by voters but by precinct committee members.

No office is too powerless. If you’re concerned that judges, attorneys, and police can get away with anything by claiming immunity, consider that immunity is granted not by God but by legislators like those we’ll be voting on this year.

Noon Monday is the ridiculously early deadline for people to express interest in being a candidate in the August primary or November general election.

If you’re tired of government that seems no better than yet another stalemated remake of Kong vs. Godzilla (Biden vs. Trump?), now’s the time to do something about it.

File for election. Encourage friends and neighbors to do likewise. But don’t encourage those who say they’re too busy having a life to do the studying necessary to be a good elected official. Be willing to devote the time needed — not so you can brag about having an elected position but so you can begin to do something to help America have the kind of democracy we know it’s capable of.

It costs very little to make yourself a candidate, but the rewards are immense. Even if you lose, you get to have a voice, and hearing multiple voices is what makes democracy work.

It isn’t just in wartime that teens and twentysomethings are called to serve. People of all ages are being called to serve right now in an electoral war against apathy and insider politics.

Uncle Sam wants you, dear reader. Are you so focused only on yourself that you will turn a deaf ear to him?


Last modified May 29, 2024