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Odd behavior, fight with brother leads to jail

Staff writer

An intoxicated man wandering around Tabor College landed in jail Tuesday, and scanner transmissions were the stuff of TV show “Cops.”

Dispatcher at 3:56 p.m.: “902 [Randal Brazil, assistant Hillsboro police chief], have a report of a person that is believed to be acting suspicious as they are walking very quickly by Tabor campus. He’s by B St. and Ampride.”

Brazil: “10-4, I’m on the phone now with the head of maintenance reference him.”

Police chief Jessey Hiebert at 4:03 p.m.: “913, I’m out at Ampride and I don’t see him anywhere.”

Brazil: “He’s 10-46 [intoxicated].”

Dispatcher: “He was last seen south of D St. headed through the dorms area.”

Brazil: “His mother, Marti, offered that something was going on at 412 S. Main. She advised that he’s upset about something. She doesn’t know what.”

Brazil: “This has escalated to a 10-97. The suspect is not here at the present time.”

Dispatcher: “We have another report of him at the fine arts building.”

Brazil: “He’s over here on A St. by the elementary school. Is that him going down Wilson St. You should catch him in the alley.”

Hiebert: “We’re 10-15 [prisoner in custody].”

Suspect: “F— you, you and Brazil and [officer John] Huebert.”

Sheriff’s deputy Matt Regier: “You gonna need any help at the jail?”

Brazil: “Probably. If we make it to the jail.”

At that point, the suspect — Ian Weisbeck — was still screaming in the background.

Brazil: “He’s bouncing around in the back here. Bangin’ his head all over the cage.”

By 4:37 p.m., sheriff’s officers were booking him into jail on suspicion of domestic battery.

Hiebert later said that Weisbeck had punched his brother in the face at the home where they live together. Weisbeck, 45, then took off on foot.

“Tabor didn’t want him on campus,” Hiebert said. “Initially, it was that you can’t be on campus anymore.”

Officers met with his brother, and the case “shifted gears from trespass to battery.”

Last modified March 1, 2023