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One of us had a baby

We at Hoch Publishing have experienced a wondrous event amongst our staff in the past week. Mostly, our employees are so old and tired that we barely remember the awesome feeling of bringing a new life into our families and the world.

However, our energetic, capable, and funny jack-of-all-newspaper-trades, Oliver Good, and his wife Marina delivered a new family member, Claire, a week ago. We are all appropriately giddy and proud. Like we had anything to do with anything!

Claire arrived ahead of schedule. That should have thrown us all into a tizzy because we were not expecting the event to happen so soon. Well, we were in a tizzy, but it was of our own making and we were pleased to note that mom, dad, sister, brother, and new daughter were all doing well in spite of us. Babies do what they do. They arrive when they arrive and even Hoch Publishing has no influence about the process of childbirth. Imagine that!

Congratulations to Oliver and his family. We all wish them the best and hope for many years of love, good health, and wonderful times together.


Last modified Oct. 23, 2014