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Open class results



FFA: Cassidy Hill, Centre


Adult: Angela Klaassen; junior: Callyan Lacio; youth: Klay Willis; adult grand and reserve champion: Sally Andrews; 3rd: Angel Klaassen; junior: Sarah Diener; reserve and 3rd: Callyan Lacio; junior youth grand champion: Klay Willis; reserve grand champion: Joshua Diener; 3rd: Nate Hein.


Grand champion: Cailey Barney; reserve: Hannah Perry; field grain 1st: Derek Suderman; hay/forage 1st: Landen Hein; oilseed 1st: Cailey Barney; vegetables 1st: Hannah Perry; 2nd: Miklaya Lare; 3rd: Hannah Perry.


Grand champion and reserve adult: Kim Bartel; youth: Karsen Kroupa; drawing adult 1st: Kim Bartel; junior: Grace Major; youth: Derek Suderman; oil/acrylic youth 1st: Cailey Barney; 2nd (tie): Olivia Carlson, Grace Hein; watercolor adult 1st, 2nd, and 3rd: Kim Bartel; youth 1st and 2nd: Karsen Kroupa.


Roadside bouquet: Rosella Suderman; miniature bouquet: Rosella Suderman; grand champion and reserve: Ruth Ann Penner; single adult 1st: Ruth Ann Penner; 2nd: Rosella Suderman; 3rd: Michell O’Hare; single youth 1st, 2nd, and 3rd: Anna Jones; collection adult 1st and 2nd: Linda Esau; youth 1st and 2nd: Ellie Just; 3rd: Anna Jones; arrangement 1st and 2nd: Ruth Ann Penner.


Yeast bread: Rosella Suderman; decorated cookie: Taryan Miller; grand champion adult: Sunny Schroder; youth: Laura Savage; reserve: Anna Jones; cookie adult 1st: Michelle O’Hare; 2nd: Rosella Suderman; junior 1st: Edel Miller; 2nd: Tatum Miller; youth 1st and 2nd: Ellie Just 3rd: Caitlin Thornhill; decorated cookie adult: Michelle O’Hare; youth: Taryan Miller; pie adult: Sunny Schroder; preserves junior 1st: Dakota Nolte; 2nd: Renee Nolte.


Photo: Landen Hein; portrait: Michelle O’Hare; grand champion adult: Michelle O’Hare; reserve: Greg Meier; 3rd: Michelle O’Hare; grand champion, reserve, and 3rd junior: Callyan Lacio; grand champion and 3rd youth: Landen Hein; reserve: Ellie Just.


Wall hanging: Charlene Driggers; quilt: Alice Jost; grand champion hand quilt: Alice Jost; reserve: Shirley Kasper; 3rd: Linda Allison; grand champion machine quilt: Norma Klemm; reserve: Flo Rahn; 3rd: Alvena Bartel; grand champion wall hanging: Charlene Driggers; reserve: Tana Riffel; 3rd: Norma Klemm; Fat Quarter quilt challenge grand champion: Alvena Bartel; reserve: Judy Troyer.


Knitted: Shana Thornhill; grand champion handwork: Shana Thornhill; reserve: Norma Klemm; 3rd: Susie Kliewer; clothing grand champion: Traci Soldan; reserve: Judy Troyer.

Most Open Class Entries

Youth: Anna Jones; junior: Callyan Lacio; adult: Rosella Suderman.


Senior 1st: Karl Riffel; 2nd: Cade Harms; 3rd: Cody Parmley; 4th: Elizabeth Meyer.

Junior 1st: Devon Gaines; 2nd: Antone Vinduska; 3rd: Jarret McLinden; 4th: Cassie Meyer.


1st: Eli Dalke; 2nd: Colton Jost; 3rd: Sophia Utecht.


Main: 1. Jesse Hamm 2. Todd Redger 3. Andrew Meier 4. Thayne Meier 5. Chris Hamm 6. Chris Phillips 7. Russell Klenda 8. Kevin Tidwell 9. Tyler Wilden; adult figure-8: 1. Dean Suderman 2. Nathan Brandt 3. Austin Krogmeier; compact: 1. Zach Anderson 2. David Smith 3. Colton Jeffrey 4. Lloyd Anderson; stock: 1. Casey Markley 2. Matt Druse 3. Tanner Jones 4. Andrew Meier; Mad Dog Award: Thayne Meier.


1st: Charlotte James; 2nd: Malik Nickel; 3rd: Aiden Nickel; 4th: Colby Suderman; 5th: Lane Rogers.


4-H Club Floats — 1st: South Cottonwood; 2nd: Goessel Go Getters; 3rd: Tampa Triple T’s.

Other floats — 1st: Parkside Homes; 2nd: Hillsboro Dental Care; 3rd: Hillsboro Swim Team.

Decorated bicycle, dog, cat, pony — 1st: Smokestack Go Cart; 2nd: Grayson Ratzlaff; 3rd: Kenny Johnson.


Top three in each age go to state fair

Age 4 — 1st: Logan Bartel; 2nd: Broden Loewen; 3rd: Thurston Silhan.

Age 5 — 1st: Braden Thiessen; 2nd: Ezekiel Guhr; 3rd: Thurston Silhan.

Age 6 — 1st: Kyson Gawith; 2nd: Zane Mader; 3rd: Landen Hein.

Age 7 — 1st: Lauryn Vogt; 2nd: Kainoa Defiesta; 3rd: Landen Hein.

Age 8 — 1st: Anders Weisbeck; 2nd: Luke Stucky; 3rd: Karalyn Krispense.

Age 9 — 1st: Seth Mader; 2nd: Trudy Hein; 3rd: Jayden Overlin.

Age 10 — 1st: Bergin Kysar; 2nd: Tanner Parks; 3rd: Alana Suderman.

Age 11 — 1st: Callie Plenert; 2nd: Anna Jones; 3rd: Malorie Hein.

Age 12 — 1st: Anna Guhr; 2nd: Henry Hein; 3rd: Noah Bartel.


1st: The Crew for Christ (Tucker Moss, Sam Moss, Esther Richert, Josh Richert, Matt Richert, Jerred Unruh, Kalen Moss, Colin Settle); 2nd: The C Team (Andrea Fish, Nathan Fish, Tyrell Thiessen, Jake Jost, Holly Nickel, Brian Nickel); 3rd: Average Joes (Cody McMillen, Ariel Depler, Tiffany Funk, Jason Funk, Tina King, Travis King, Chad Voth, Dee Nelson).


1st: Peabody Farm Guys; 2nd: Marion County Commissioners; 3rd: County Fair Queens; best dressed: 4-H Royalty; Golden Udder Award: EMS.

barnyard olympics

1st: The Pig Poppers; 2nd: Team Wal-Mart; 3rd: Team Pizza Hut; 4th: The Piggy Wiggies.

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