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Other counties also face road problems

Other counties continue to deal with weather-damaged roads despite warmer temperatures this week.

Some roads remained closed Tuesday in Harvey and Butler counties. East Lake Rd. in Harvey County has deep ruts.

Harvey County road and bridge director Jim Meier said snow melting away would have been enough to deal with, but then the county got additional moisture. Sun, wind, and warmer temperatures are needed, Meier said.

In Butler County, Spring Township roads deteriorated so much that 75% of roads are closed. Township trustee Kathy McDowell said the township couldn’t get equipment out on the roads to fix them. Graders slid into ditches while trying to clean roads that were covered with snow.

She estimated the township will spend up to $500,000 to build roads back up.

Meier said his county would need to be careful about how soon county equipment could be put back on the roads. Last week, trying to fix roads during rain, crews were doing further damage instead of repair, he said.

Sedgwick County commissioner Jim Howell said Tuesday that his office phones “have been ringing off the hook” with calls about rural road conditions.

Marion County declared a snow emergency Jan. 16. Morris County declared a snow emergency Jan. 12.

Last modified Feb. 1, 2024