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Pastors Talbot, Ferguson retire

Pastors Sue Talbot and Dan Ferguson are now both partially retired.

Pastor Talbot used to preach at Valley United Methodist Church, and Pastor Ferguson preached at Eastmoor United Methodist Church.

Now, Talbot is performing substitute-preaching duties at area churches that are close enough to drive to from her home at Marion County Park and Lake.

“I’m actually re-retiring she said. “I never tire of preaching, but now I will have more time to visit family and go fishing.

“I don’t just fish for people.”

At 65, Pastor Ferguson lives in Wichita. In retirement, he has found more time for long distance bicycle riding, but still works about 20 hours a week serving the Douglass United Methodist Church as a half-time pastor.

“I had served there before from 1984 to 1992,” he said. “It’s a nice feeling when people want you to come back.”

Last modified July 9, 2015