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3rd grade

Cindy Ziesemer’s class

I would like…book’s. marker’s. note book’s. pin’s. gellpin’s. So how are you and the elves. I know that you are real. I believe in you. you and the elves are the best. Thank you.


Thank you for giving even though didn’t have to give thank you for deciding to give, you truly are my best friend but not because the presents its for being a good guy. Mr. Clause you make me happy so generous, you gave gifts for a long time so also for being a good sport to our elfs. Oh that reminds me, thank you and the elfs for macking toys.

Stormii (with scented markers)

I have ben varey good this year and I wat a snowbord for christmas.


I love you santa, becas you are the best becus you are love.


What I wish for Christmas is some rainbow high girl’s an da chompouter for me please and thank you. Then I will love some new shoe’s please, I need some bad, I got a hole in my shoe’s so I need some please.


I will leave milk and carrots and the table. Can you pleas get me a motred dirt bike and a x box and a football game. Can I pleas get a gocart?


This year you have done a lote of spreting Christmas spiret. Ever year more and more people but I steel bleve in you. Imreely looking forward for a new year. Oh say thanks to the elvs and good work. I reelly hope you kan make it to town thank you.


What I need for Christmas is jeans, socks, food which is fruit snacks. And how is rosie has she ben good this year? And what I want I want for Christmas is pop-its and a famliy.


I want a playstashin 5 for Christmas. peas and thanks.


My elf is being funy. Can I please have a two-weeler?

Sincerely, Bo

It’s been a tuff year can you triye to get my dad here this Christmas that’s all I want for Christmas it wood make me happy if you can’t I understand if you can’t do that OK if you can’t get him can you ples get me a guitar, thank you so much!!


What I would like for Christmas is…

  • Hatchmales underwater
  • Hatchmales big wings
  • Fluffy slime
  • Bath bombs
  • Craft kit

Hope you come soon.


I want a jacket, vr, dirt bike, popit, backpack, gopro, gom, head phones, charger for my phone.


What I want for Christmas is a vr, play station 5, and a big wheel, vbucks. I want 50 presents including the ones I asked for


I’m pretty sure you know I’v been good this year. So can you give my these things please. Tickets to Disney world in Florida. Hoverboard with a hoverboard kart. Jiffy puppet and a junior puppet.


I want a puppy for Christmas. Please may I hath puppies Santa may I please Santa.


This year I would like for everyone to get. What they want and. I would like to have a hover bike and. A new bike and a skateboard and. A beyblade the best Christmas ever, happy holidays.


I have tried to be good but I want a duster and a walkman. Are you real or fake? Well have a Merry Christmas.


I wood like a hover board and hey dudes. Hop you have a great Christmas. Don’t work to hard.


I wan ta pygmy goat for Christmas, I’d take good care of it or them, I would like at least two. I’d name it Joey and the other would be Nerd Man. I would also like a new video game for my switch, I would prefer super smash bros.


I want a deer and a dirt bike. I want my cousin to visit. I want a pop it.


I will be at home on Christmas. I would like a rescue pet that is a white Pomeranian, you can decorate the hair. I would also like a box of fidgets. A skateboard. Go see my best friend in Washington. I would like a puppy think I have been good. I hope you have a great Christmas.


Christmas vacation is coming soon, and I might go to my moms in Newton. I want to see if I’m going by calling her, but I forgot the pass code to my phone. There’s no other way to call her because the house phone doesn’t work. So I really want a gizmo. If you could get it for me I would really appreciate it.


I really want a hover board for Christmas this year and a new bunk bed and electric scooter. I hope you can get it for me.


I was hoping to go to my grandma’ shouse in Denver but I’m at my mom’s house for Christmas and I’m going to get fidget pack from my nana in Newton but at dad’s I might get a scooter because I deserve it I have been very good.


I am so glad that it is chrismas because I get a lot of toys but ther is just one thang I want, a farret the most. I want lot of nerf gunes and bullets and some air soft gunes. And a hoverboard and a hoverboard cart. I tried being my best.


I hope you had a great year and I hope that you have another great year and a merry Christmas. I really want $1,000,000 to go to the world, I don’t really want anything. Oh yea, and I really hope dad gets the house and merry Christmas.


How is it going at the North Pole? And I really want some new clothes for Christmas but I want more of Christmas clothes than normal clothes. Merry Christmas Santa, have a good cold day at the North Pole.


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