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Peabody-Burns increases safety measures

Staff writer

As a new school year creeps closer, Peabody-Burns is adopting new standards for in-person learning.

Some purchases, such as a $100,000 air purifier for the school, just are not feasible, superintendent Ron Traxson said.

Instead, the school will have smaller purifiers in classrooms.

“It’s not a fix-all but it’s going to help with some air purification in there,” Traxson said.

Masks will be required for everyone inside the district’s school buildings or at events.

Football helmets will have face shields.

“As long as they’re wearing them and on the sidelines then that will be good,” Traxson said.

Maintaining safety protocols might be difficult when visiting other schools for activities.

“When we leave our county we’re going to have to follow whatever rules of the home site we’re going to and hope we don’t bring anything back,” Traxson said. “To make sure we do that we have to maintain our protocol as far as staying in our group and not going outside that.”

While the district has a plan, Traxson admits there likely will be adjustments in the future.

“Will we mandate that a percentage of students go to remote-learning?” Traxson said. “Do we do hybrid-style learning? We have to determine that but we’re prepared to go anywhere from face-to-face to full-remote learning.”

Last modified Aug. 20, 2020