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Peabody-Burns Preschool

Please bring me a toy car and a train and a track and a circle thingy. I love you!

Dalton Philpott, age 3

Please bring me a hair clip, a doll house, and a doll. And some rain. I love you, Santa!

Britney Buchanan, age 4

I love your elves. Please bring me a yellow pony rocking horse. I love mama and baby.

Mikayla Klingenberg, age 4

Please bring me cards.

Aiden Hurst, age 4

I want a toy Christmas tree and a pink pony.

Kate Lynn Hulls, age 4

I want a toy 4-wheeler for Christmas.

Your friend,
Dylan Spencer, age 3

I want Pop the Pig for Christmas.

Kaiden Newman, age 4

I would like a Barbie, pretend M & Ms, and squiggly shoes.

Your friend,
Adyson Winter, age 4

I would like Reese’s Puffs, a unicorn, Pop the Pig, and a game.

You’re my friend!
Eva Hood, age 4

I would like a rocket ship for Christmas.

Thank you,
Tyler Schmidt, age 4

I love and I miss you. You are the best friend in the world. I like your elves. You are the nicest to us. Please send me a toy black horse and a toy frog. I only have a toy white horse.

You are my friend!
Reagan Rives, age 4

Would you please bring me a Christmas tree for my dining room?

Your friend,
Leah, age 5

I would like some candy for Christmas.

Ann Myers, age 3

I want candy, dolls, clothes.

Dixie Sattler, age 3

Please send Mad Dog toys, a castle, a space station.

Regan Somerhalder, age 3

I want a floating snake boat, a Candy Cane bike. It’s silly and sticky! Merry Christmas!

Fancy Reynolds, age 4

I want a purple bath shark that’s not wind-up. I want it to float on the water. I want a candy cane. Please send pirate clothes with a hat. I love you, Santa!

Luke Partridge, age 5

I would like an iPad.

Brooklynn Whiteside, age 3

Please bring me a bike and a scooter and a little tractor.

Thank you,
Dalton Britton, age 5

Please will you bring me a scooter? I’ve been a good boy.

Hunter Glenn, age 4

Please will you bring me a baby turtle? And I really want a rabbit, a toy teddy bear, and a dog name pupcake. And bearpaw candy.

Thank you, Santa,
Roxandra Grob, age 5

P. S. That’s it, Santa.

Please bring me a scooter. I love you.

Payton Middleton, age 3

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