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Peabody-Burns Third grade

I wonder how many presents do you deliver? Hmm. What I want for Christmas is a 500 pack of army men and Star Wars clones and a TV, an army helicopter, a computer game called Cowboy Bow, and Legos. How many elves do you have? Can I also have a clone ship, racetrack, and a remote control car?

Isaac Bayes, 9

You have probably received a letter from me. If not, I’ll give you the information. My name is Sarah. I live in the United States of America, Peabody, Kan. How are you and Mrs. Claus? I’m fine and I’ve been nice! (A little naughty too.) Do you like bananas? Anything is fine, but here is what I’m wishing for: movies, sweets, Stompies, Dreamlights, and a snuggle. I can’t wait until Christmas Eve.

Sarah Spencer, 9

I wonder how many elves do you have? Put the answer right here. _____ You know what? You make kids’ dreams come true! Santa, you are my hero!

Corbin Marple, 9

I want to know what it’s like in the North Pole. And how tall are the elves compared to you? How is the reindeer doing? I want Black Ops2, Spynet gear, and Legos. I’m 8 years old. I will be 9 on Jan. 29, 2013.

Your friend,
Noal Reynolds, 8

I want a remote control car toy and a Game Boy and an X-Box 360 and a toy gun and a Wii with some games. How is Rudolph doing? How are the reindeer doing?

Davon Johnson, 9

All I want for Christmas is a whole lot of friends over. Then I want to go to Lego Land. Then I want to get Legos at Lego Land and play Legos with my friends and my last thing it a new Wii. How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? What are you doing this month? I am 9.

Philip Young, 9

What do the reindeer eat? I think hay. Maybe I’m wrong. I really don’t know. How big is your sack and how long does it take you to fly around the world? I want a new 3DS game and skateboard. How tall are the elves? Does Rudolph really have a bright nose?

Hunter Navrat, 8

Can you please get me a toy puppy, a necklace, bracelet, rocking horse, and a purse? Am I on the naughty or nice list? How is Rudolph doing? I thought I was on the naughty list because me and Aries fight.

Brianna Orsack, 8

I want a Nerf gun for Christmas. I want a DSi and I really want some toy cars. I want DSi games. How are your reindeer? How are your elves doing? Are they working hard? Where do you put your sleigh?

Your elf,
Kaleb Ehrlich, 9

I hope you can get me some origami paper, a new origami book, a big set of something and a new Nerf shooter. I hope the poor gets something too because I am sure they never get anything for Christmas and I am sure they have been good. Santa, do you exist? Why have I never seen you before? Why can’t I hear the reindeer? What cookies do you like the most?

From your nicest kid,
Alex Caldwell, 9

I hope I am a good boy and now I want to tell you the things I want for Christmas. I want a nerf gun, a remote control car, a slinky, an Xbox 360, a DS, a PSP, a big TV, the Wii U, a Wii, a dirt bike, a Y scooter, a puppy, a kitten, a private jet, a DVD player, a motor scooter, a phone, and lots of movies, an army gun (fake), and that’s all. How are your elves doing? I hope they’re working hard.

Your friend,
Seth King, 9

How do the elves make the toys? How do your reindeer fly? I want a Hello Kitty toothbrush and a Hello Kitty bedding set and bunk bed and Hello Kitty mouth wash, and new Hello Kitty socks and a Hello Kitty bike.

Miranda Shaffer, 9

For Christmas, I would like a Tonka police car toy and a big house for my parents. For my little sister, she would like some stuff. Surprise her. I want a Wii U and a PSP with games.

Jeremy Sears, 8

I hope you have a good Christmas. There is a lot of good boys and girls. I will put cookies out for you. How are Rudolph and the elves doing? I want a Just Dance 4.

Mya Winter, 9

I want a fortune cookie maker for Christmas. I want some shoes for Christmas. I want some pencils for Christmas. I want some necklaces for Christmas. How are your reindeers at the North Pole Santa?

From your friend,
McKayla Hauck, 9

Can you tell me what the North Pole is like? Is it fun to give the kids all around the world gifts? Can I have Call of Duty Black Ops II, fortune cookie maker, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, a book, a diary, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, and a pizza maker? Oh, by the way, my name is Jake. Please give Luke a Dreamlight.

Your little elf,
Jake Partridge, 9

p.s. I am 4,730, 400 minutes old.

I would like the very best present of all: a Wii, a Fire Fall coaster, a Zelda Links Awaken, and my very own computer. How are your elves and reindeers?

Blake Percival, 8

I want a dirt bike that has a helmet too. Can I wake up because I want to see you? In my stocking, I want a dart. And I want to see your reindeer. I want the new Wii U.

Aries Baldwin, 8

I want a RC Helicopter, a Nerf shot gun, a Nerf pistol, a Nerf knife, RC Snakebite, a monster truck, and Christmas pencils. Am I on the naughty list? Can I wake up and see Rudolph? Can you give me all of this?

Your elf,
Anthony Huls, 8

I want a laptop and a DS with games. I want a phone to call my dad. I wish my brother was nice. I wish my Christmas was fun! I want to know how the elves are doing, Santa. I wish I could see the reindeer and you, Santa.

Jazlynn King, 8

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