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PEABODY-BURNS: Third grade

Third grade

Taught by Emily Hedrick

Dear Santa,

How do your reindeer fly? I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love Dragon Ball Z Super and GT. I want a PlayStation card, possibly $20 worth. Thanks for your time.


Dear Santa,

I want all the Metal Fusion Beyblades, Metal Master Beyblades, Metal Best Beyblades, and all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and duel disks, please. I want to know what reindeer look like. Can you please leave me a picture of one?


Dear Santa,

I would like cats and a new car. Where are you going today?


Dear Santa,

I would like an iPhone and a baby doll with clothes, unicorn stuff and purple stuff. What time will you come on Christmas Eve?


Dear Santa,

I want a phone and a speaker; a mini pig and an X-Box with Fortnite and Madden NFL20. How do the reindeer fly?


Dear Santa,

I am nice to people and animals. I want $999,999,999,999 to share with other people. I want a scooter and unlimited candy that I like. I want really expensive headphones and the new iPhone II. Am I on the nice list?


Dear Santa,

I am a bad boy sometimes. I have an elf. I want a giant bubble. Do you really have reindeer? It is me,


Dear Santa,

I want a football. I want my mom and dad back together. And for Christmas I want a Playstation controller, and a tablet. How do your reindeer fly?


Dear Santa,

I want a Hoverboard and I know you are real, Santa. I like unicorns and rainbows. My mom is allergic to cats and I really want one. My cousin wants a phone for Christmas. He has been nice. I promise and I have been good, too.


Dear Santa,

I want an Xbox 1, PS2, PS3, PS1, and Xbox 360. I want a horse, pig, and a cow. I want a virtual reality headset and optical rift. I want an elf. I want a PC. How do reindeer fly?


Dear Santa,

Hi, Santa! How do you get your toys? Walmart? Are you really allergic to cats? And peanut butter? And how shiny is the bells on your reindeer? What I want for Christmas is all Monopolies, LPS, and a kitten. That’s what I’m hoping for. And also, how many reindeer do you have? Is it true that Rudolph has a red nose? Bye, Santa.


Dear Santa,

Hey, do you know Santa is half reindeer? Yeah, I know. Super cool sometimes. I get lonely. So when I do, I go get my phone. I hope Christmas is good for everyone. Please know I love elves. They are cool and they move so fast and small. Do you like bells? I do. Sometimes they’re noisy but only a little. Bye,


Dear Santa,

I want a Nikki Maxwell diary, like the diary she uses in the Dork Diary’s books. Would it be possible to be in Texas? That would be great!


Dear Santa,

I would like a computer and a phone. I like reindeer. My headphone broke at school so I would like a new pair. Merry Christmas,


Dear Santa,

Can I please have money in different amounts so I can have food for my family and other things we need? Donate things to the homeless people. Can I please have an unlimited Pokemon cards, please? Can I please have a mini tree with ornaments to go with my tree, with presents for my dog, Meshu, and new bones and toys for Meshu so she is happy for Christmas?

Name withheld
by newspaper

Dear Santa,

I would like a speaker with a microphone and a trombone.


Dear Santa,

I would like a Miranda doll for Christmas. I would also like a new bike.


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