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PEABODY: Fourth grade - Jennifer Young

4th grade

Taught by Jennifer Young

Dear Santa,

i want a trombone, and a dirt bike and a saxophone and a farming simulater set. Thank you


Dear Santa,

I have bin waiting til chrismas and its right around the corner :D i would love some Robux and toca bucks those games are fun ROBLOX AND TOCA WORLD there my user is Your_nice00 and please please ill do anything just please ROBU XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX Exotic butter plush toy also a new camera and. . . . . bed stuff so yes hehehehe

Journey Mae

Dear Santa,

If you can get these I will number them.

  • a ps5 and controlers.
  • ps5 and ps4 headphones.
  • a big bag of beefjerky.
  • a Naruto colak.


Dear Santa,

I would like to have a bucket of army men and a huge bag of beef jerky and to make everyone to be happy and my elf to have some candy for him for an early Christmas present.


Dear Santa,

I want some l.e.d lights for Christmas but that is it merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

  • locked diary
  • art supplies
  • kitty cat
  • stuffed animal
  • fidget spinner
  • fishing pole
  • snow on Christmas
  • crystal night light


Dear Santa,

what I want for Christmas is fidgets a bike and to see Josh on Christmas day I miss him and to see my Aunt Kelsey. I want a phone if you can and it to snow on Christmas day.


Dear Santa,

I want an Xbox series X, an Xbox VR headset, more dragomonz cards and a digimon deck please. Can mom and I have a picture of your sleigh with all the reindeer?


Dear Santa,

I want a VR Set, i also want ROBUX, and all of the DOGMAN books, im sorry santa but when its chirstmas you wont get any cookies cause im gonna eat them ALL. Also some LPS, AND 100 DOLLARS >:3, BYEEEEEEEEEE oki never mind.

:> I also want a EXOTIC BUTTERS phone case, And a ENNARD PLUSH :l, AND, COOKIES. . . . . . . . . . .):>, SANTA WAIT. . . I want a EXOTIC BUTTERS HAT. . , And omg A ballora BODY PILLLOW >:_,

BUT NO COAL PLS ;-;, dont forget the SLED. _. , and a C. B Dress, and a funtime freddy bonnie puppet. AND A LOLBIT AND FUNTIME FOXY MINI FIGURE, This is gonna be a long list of stuff ;-;, and some Albert merch, maybe a flamingo shirt. . ? and a flamingo plush ? AND SOME SHIRTS AND PANTS FOR SYLVEON, and other pokemon plushies?

TO BE SYLVEONS FRIEND, Ill never stop writing this list ;-;, ill even do it at home. . . . . :o can i have a reindeer >:), you have so many of them, I want a MI PAN ZUZU singing bear plush, Maybe some fidget toys like pop its, marble mesh, and yea, And a nut cracker, NOT A REAL NUTCRACKER !!!!!! :)

Maybe some snowflake dress-shirt. We WiSh YoU a MeRrY cHiRsTmAs, JK, LOL JK ABOUT JK, Maybe a fnaf mask ? Like a sister loca one ? :o I WANNA DYE MY HAIR BLACK, And maybe a UwU mask ? A milk shirt ? and jean shorts ? and some blue bows (2), ALSO MY HANDS ARE HURTING, So the list might end soon, i also want CANDY, , Thats all Bye !


Dear Santa,

I love you coming to my houses on Christmas and also you are my favorite Santa I ever had. I will set cookies for you. I can set carrots for your reindeer. Can I have a horse for Christmas please? Can I have a unicorn for Christmas please? Have fun Santa.


Dear Santa,

I would like just a little bit of things. I would love to be with my family. I would like diy stuff. I would love sooooooooooooooo. . . much if you could help my gammy to feel better. I would love if my dad and all my family to be all together. That last one and first one I would love. Thank you soooo. . . much.


Dear Santa,

I want a bey blaid, a sword, a go-cart and that is it.


Dear Santa,

I would like some modeling clay, I would also like air-dry clay, and I also want a tablet, and I really want some paint, and some big canvases to paint on.


Dear Santa,

I want some boots for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

all i want for Christmas is for mom, dad and Megatron to like my gifts and if you can a target for my Tomahawk please. Thank you very much.


Dear Santa,

I want a deer tag please and some xbox games, and a fidget spinner a gold one and a 308 to hunt with.


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