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Municipal Court

Danny Lee Fistler, Peabody, Assault, Sept. 28, $260.

Kyle E. Fistler, Peabody motor vehicle liability insurance dismissed with prejudice, Sept. 28, $210.

Robert Gibson, Peabody, street barriers, Sept. 29, $260.

Crystal Johnson, Peabody, dog at large, Sept. 15, $110.

Kai Jonat, Wamego, motor vehicle liability insurance, Sept. 29, $300.

James Myers, Peabody maintaining a nuisance vehicle, Sept. 28, $135.

Van Nuynh Nguyen, Wichita, speeding, Sept. 25, $325.

Kaitlin M. Reed, Junction City, speeding, Sept. 26, $145.

Amanda Shrole, Marion, vehicle license; illegal tag and driving while license suspended, Sept. 15, $485.

Justin Tighe, Hillsboro, dog at large and two counts of animal cruelty, Sept. 29, $1,985. One count of dog at large and five counts of animal cruelty dismissed without prejudice.

Martha K. Tillery, Haysville five counts of dog at large and one count of domestic battery, Sept. 28, $680.

Reno M. Valdez, Peabody, purchase of cigarettes or tobacco products by a minor, dismissed without prejudice, $0.

Georgia R. Walker, Kansas City, driving while license suspended, Sept. 15, $200.

Larry E. Wenzel, Barron, Wis., speeding, Sept. 15, $181.

Sheldon Ross Wiebe, Peabody, speeding, Sept. 26, $170.

Jeffrey T. Wilbert, Wichita, speeding, Sept. 26, $185.

Last modified Nov. 17, 2011