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Peabody woman becomes frequent guest at jail

Staff writer

A Peabody woman arrested 27 times in Marion County since 2017 — four of those arrests this month — has a long history of charges.

Lauren R. Wolf, 39, Peabody, was arrested Feb. 7 on suspicion of disorderly conduct and interference with law enforcement, then eight days later for failing to appear in court. Two days after her release from that arrest, she was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing. Then she was arrested again Feb. 25 by Peabody police, again on suspicion of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. She remains in jail in lieu of $5,000 surety bond.

Wolf was charged July 19 with burglary, four counts of criminal damage to property, and theft, and later sentenced to community corrections.

She was charged April 2, 2020, and Oct. 1, 2019, with trespassing and sentenced Sept. 8, 2020, to a year’s probation on one of the charges.

She was charged July 2, 2019, with making a criminal threat, two counts of domestic battery, and battery of a law enforcement officer. She was sentenced to a year’s probation for criminal threat.

She was charged April 9, 2019, with making a criminal threat. The case was dismissed.

Charged April 13, 2018, with seven counts of violation of the state offender registration act, she was sentenced to probation.

An April 12, 2018, charge of making a criminal threat was dismissed.

A July 25, 2017, charge of driving with a suspended license resulted in an order to do community service work.

She has spent a total of 233 days in Marion County Jail since Nov. 27, 2017. Jailings were for failing to appear in court, allegedly violating her probation five times, contempt of court, on court orders twice, and on suspicion of eight counts of criminal trespassing, three counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of interference with law enforcement, and single counts of attempted interference with law enforcement, burglary, criminal damage to property, battery, domestic battery, aggravated domestic battery, battery of a law enforcement officer, making a criminal threat, assault, and driving while her license was canceled, suspended, or revoked.

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