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Pediatric therapy available

Staff writer

A recently begun pediatric therapy program at St. Luke Hospital is already working with area kids.

Nicole Sampson, who helped develop the children’s unit, said St. Luke can provide speech, physical, and occupational therapy for kids who need it.

Already two children are making use of the service, Sampson said.

“I anticipate the majority of the children will be preschool to elementary age,” Sampson said.

The unit is located in its own room, away from the distractions kids would have in the therapy department among other patients.

The one therapy form for kids that would be located in the regular therapy department is aquatic therapy, but that’s already in a separate room.

Sampson said she wanted to establish the program in order to provide what Marion area children need.

“I hope we get the help needed to the kids so the parents don’t have to drive to Wichita,” Sampson said.

Roger Schroeder, marketing director for St. Luke, said occupational therapy helps children of all ages be as independent and successful as possible.

Tasks such as writing, tying shoes, dressing, or playing can be difficult for some, Schroeder said.

Occupational therapy can also help children with sensory processing difficulties that can cause ordinary textures and materials to be annoying or painful for them.

Physical therapy helps with developmental or motor delays, excessive clumsiness, improper walking, or poor trunk or limb control, Schroeder said.

“If a child consistently has difficulty with walking, climbing, running, or jumping they may benefit from physical therapy,” Schroeder said.

Last modified Sept. 15, 2016