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Pet cat missing after Lincolnville Octoberfest

Staff writer

Eight-year-old Kaitlyn Kidd of Lost Springs is still looking for her gray cat, Lexie, one-and-a-half weeks after it got away from her during Lincolnville’s Octoberfest and ran up a tree in the park.

Kaitlyn had been planning to show her cat in the pet show.

Kaitlyn’s grandfather, Lester Kaiser, tried to coax the cat down with food, but that didn’t work.

Kaitlyn’s father, Caleb, and a friend, Adam Makovec, climbed the tree in an attempt to get the cat, but she just climbed higher. They finally had to give up, and the show went on without Kaitlyn and her pet.

Lexie was gone the next day, and Kaitlyn is still looking for her.

“Dogs are around there, so who knows where she went,” Kaiser said.

Kaitlyn’s grandmother, Barb Kaiser, said Kaitlyn had owned the cat since it was a tiny kitten, and she treated it like a baby, pushing it in a stroller and carrying it in her arms.

“Kaitlyn is sad about losing Lexie,” she said. “Hopefully, somebody will find her.”

If anyone finds the cat, he or she can call the Kaisers at (620) 924-5214.

Last modified Oct. 16, 2019