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Pete stands signless

Staff writer

The past few years Pete the chain saw carved rhino has called city hall home. He was decorated with a sign that said, “Hello, my name is Pete.” A few months ago that sign went missing.

A few city employees noted Pete’s missing sign for a few months but thought that perhaps it had been broken and was being repaired. In fact it has been swiped.

“I don’t know who took it,” Margo Yates said. “We hold wedding receptions in the room so I think a guest may have in the heat of the party taken it.”

Yates said it would be nice if the sign would show up, but after all this time thinks it’s highly unlikely.

“I don’t understand how people can’t just leave things alone,” she said.

This is the second time Pete’s sign has gone missing, but before it was returned.

“I hate to replace the sign if it’s going to keep going missing,” Yates said.

There has been some talk about replacing the sign and permanently affixing it to Pete, but nothing has been settled yet.

Mary Olson donated Pete to Marion Chamber of Commerce after she purchased it at an auction. She said she noticed Pete’s missing sign several months ago.

“Last time we were able to track it down, but this time I don’t know who took it,” Olson said. “I don’t know how to track it down.”

Last modified May 29, 2014