• Last modified 1009 days ago (Oct. 13, 2016)


Phone scam reportedly has Marion number

A possible telephone credit card fraud scheme could be using the City of Marion as its cover identity, city officials said last week.

“We had a person call and say that he received a phone call and didn’t realize it was a credit card scam,” Tiffany Jeffrey said. “On his caller ID, it came up as ‘Marion, City of,’ and the phone number was a 382 number.”

Assistant police chief Clinton Jeffrey said that no report would be made since it did not happen in Marion.

“They did not identify themselves as a representative of the city of Marion,” Clinton Jeffrey said. “There was no money lost and it didn’t happen here in the city.”

Tiffany Jeffrey said that they wanted to make others aware of the situation, even though the person reporting the call was a nonresident.

“We’ve just had that one person call,” Tiffany Jeffrey said. “I thought we might as well put it out there in case there are others.”

The city reminded residents to not share information with anyone who asks for credit card information over the phone.

Last modified Oct. 13, 2016