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Physician explains why the elderly get cold faster

Staff writer

As people age it seems as though they get cold easier.

“There are several reasons elderly people get cold easier than younger people,” said Dr. Don Hodson of Marion Family Physicians, LLC. “Some of those reasons are medical.”

Hodson said blood pressure medication can often cause people to feel cold because the same beta-blockers in the meds that artificially dilate blood vessels to reduce blood pressure also increase circulation which makes one lose heat faster.

Another reason is that some are not or cannot be as active as they once were due to medical issues, he said. Combined, those factors can cause elderly people to feel the cold sooner.

“Being more active can help turn on the body’s internal furnace,” Hodson said. “When you are active or exercise it increases circulation but it also generates body heat.”

Last modified Oct. 24, 2013