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Plethora of problems lead to Internet, phone trouble

Engineers of Eagle Communications Inc. are struggling with a barrage of problems that have caused sporadic and slow phone and Internet service in parts of Marion.

Travis Kohlrus, vice president of broadband for the company, said no specific hardware failure has been pinpointed. Eagle is troubleshooting the system.

“It’s really a head-scratcher for us,” he said.

Squirrels may have chewed through some lines, allowing water and noise to cause disruption, he said.

Engineers’ efforts to clean and balance the system as they replace bad lines and equipment have also led to interruptions in service.

“With our techs working daily on some of these issues, when they pull a piece of equipment to test it or a line to replace it, that itself can cause a temporary outage,” he said.

The downtown area of the city is the primary trouble spot, he said.

The company will be sending two employees to the city to work on the problems until they are resolved.

“Our expectation is to get it resolved by the end of the week,” he said.

Support services are available at (877) 625-9901 or at

Last modified July 11, 2019