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Law enforcement agencies provided these reports of their activities this past week. Routine activities such as patrols, inspections, training, report-writing, and assistance to other agencies are excluded. Dates may reflect starting or ending dates of officers’ shifts rather than actual dates of occurrence.


July 25 — A driver in the 900 block of E. D St. was warned for speeding and a driver at Cedar and D Sts. was warned for having illegally tinted windows.

July 26 — A resident complained about election signs being tampered with in the 100 block of S. Lincoln St. A driver was warned for speeding near Jade and 190th Rds.

July 27 — Police helped secure the accounts of a resident concerned about a possible scam. A traffic accident on private property was investigated. Dogs running free were picked up at Floral and A Sts. and at Cedar and 1st Sts. and owners were notified. A driver at Wilson and D Sts. was warned for speeding. Police answered questions about a court order and whether electric scooters may be driven on city streets.

Thursday — A vehicle license plate was reported lost or stolen. No problems were found after checking on a report of a suspicious vehicle in Hillsboro Community Hospital’s parking lot.

Friday — Dogs running free at Cedar St. and Grand Ave. were returned to their owner. Police were called to a couple’s argument in the 700 block of S. Washington St. but determined no case could be pursued. Police talked residents about an unregistered vehicle parked in the 400 block of Wilson St., about neighborhood concerns in the 300 block of N. Lincoln St., and about a child custody situation at Casey’s General Store. A fall alarm in the 400 block of N. Ash St. was investigated.

Saturday — Residents in the 900 block of E. D St. turned down music after police investigated a noise complaint. A complaint about a dog running free in the 200 block of S. Adams St. was determined to be unfounded. A driver at Lincoln and D Sts. was warned about an equipment violation. A resident with dementia was helped back her residence.

Sunday — Investigation of a child custody issue outside Wendy’s fast food restaurant is pending. A residence was checked while the family is on vacation


July 25 — A driver was warned about an equipment violation. Police answered a question about firearms.

July 26 — A dog running free in the 500 block of S. Freeborn St. was taken to Animal Health Center. A complaint about trespassing resulted in no action being taken. Police could not find a person for whom an arrest warrant had been issued.

July 27 — Police talked to a resident who received an eviction notice. Police again could not find a person for whom an arrest warrant had been issued. Officers provided assistance at St. Luke Hospital with a patient who was in custody.

Thursday —A dog running free in the 300 block of Grant St. was taken to Animal Health Center. A report of a lost wallet was investigated. Four drivers were warned for speeding.

Friday — A dog owner was ticketed after police responded to St. Luke, where a youth being treated after twice being bitten by a dog being walked on a leash. A building found with an open door was searched. Police also searched and secured a residence found with an open door. Two parking complaints were investigated. Police met with a juvenile after receiving a delayed report but determined that no crime had taken place.

Saturday — Police were unable to identify witnesses or those involved in a fight reported on a sidewalk across the street from Casey’s General Store and That One Place in the 1000 block of E. Main St.

Sunday — Derrick E. Ratzloff, 26, Marion, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after a delayed report at 2:13 a.m. of a quarrel involving guns at a rental home in the 600 block of S. Cedar St.


July 25 — Found property was returned to its owner.

July 26 — A child was found in the city park.

July 27 — Two US-50 drivers were cited for speeding. A property owner was cited for a health and safety violation.

Thursday — A driver was cited for speeding on US-50.

Friday — A report of harassment by telecommunications device was investigated.

Saturday — Traffic citations for having an illegal tag and no driver’s license were issued. A suspicious vehicle near a low-water bridge on Old Mill Road was checked.

Sunday — Routine activities.

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