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Police help lost elderly couple find family

An out-of-state elderly couple with dementia problems that became lost and confused in Hillsboro on Saturday was returned to their out-of-state family about 48 hours after officials intervened.

Police Chief Dan Kinning said staff members at the Country Haven Inn became concerned about the “seriously confused” couple during check out.

Upon investigation, officer John Huebert found reason to believe that the couple needed to be taken in for a mental health evaluation.

“They did not know where they were going and couldn’t tell us where they had been,” Kinning said. “They thought that they were going from Arizona to Texas.”

When mental health services told police the issue was not in their area, the couple was referred to Hillsboro Community Hospital where a doctor discovered they each had dementia during a physical evaluation, Kinning said.

Salem Home provided housing to the couple while police attempted to locate family by tracking receipts in their car and using their Missouri driver’s licenses.

“At first we couldn’t find anything on them, but John eventually located a daughter on social media who put us in contact with their son,” Kinning said. “He lived in California so he wasn’t able to make it right away.”

Police learned the couple had been living on their own and the family had been working with them on their dementia.

“They were released to the son and I believe he took them back home,” Kinning said. “We just wanted to help them find a safe place.”

Last modified June 14, 2017