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Incident reports

Hillsboro Police

Sept. 22: Officers handled two dog complaints, a report of an abandoned vehicle, and a gas skip.

Sept. 23: Police took a report of an attempted suicide in which the victim was taken to HCH and then transported to a Wichita medical facility. Officers also delivered an emergency message, handled a dog complaint and parking complaint, checked on suspicious activity, and responded to two verbal confrontation reports.

Sept. 24: Police responded to a dog complaint and two trespassing complaints. Officers also performed a welfare check.

Sept. 25: Police served civil process, handled a dog complaint, a minor traffic accident, and responded to a commercial alarm.

Sept. 26: Officers handled report in which a person reported someone had used his social security number without permission. Police also performed a welfare check and handled a traffic complaint where the driver disregarded barricades in a work zone.

Sept. 27: Police responded to reports of a gas skip and a concern about a child’s welfare. Officers also handled a dog complaint.

Sept. 28: Police checked on suspicious activity.

Marion police

Sept. 12: Officers took a report of criminal damage to property, assisted the ambulance, and took a parking complaint with a camper. Officers attempted to retrieved a kitten stuck in a tree but found it was too high; it later climbed down on its own.

Sept. 13: Officers conducted seatbelt enforcement, issuing eight verbal warnings, provided a funeral escort and a civil standby, and investigated a case of animal neglect. Police also met with Department for Children and Families in reference to a child in need of care, then conducted an investigation on sexual assault of minors; the children were placed in protective custody. Officers issued a noise citation, and took a complaint of a homeless person loitering at stores and digging in trash. Police tracked a person seen running from the county shop by canine officer; the person was tracked to a field on North Eisenhower and before the canine lost the trail.

Sept. 14: Officers investigated suspicious activity at the library and found everything to be OK. Officers also responded to report of a lost dog and issued the owner a citation, and checked a noise complaint of possible shots fired.

Sept. 15: Officers assisted Marion ambulance with a call and Marion fire with a gas leak in a residence and found a missing dog.

Sept. 16: Officers supervised child exchange between parents and their guardian, assisted ambulance, and provided civil stand-by for property owner and tenets. Officers responded to a report of a disruptive child and transported two juveniles to Child Advocacy Center in Newton, then transported them back to guardian after conducting interviews.

Sept. 17: Officers took a theft report, and took an attempted fraud report.

Sept. 18: Officers took a report of possible child in need of care at Marion Elementary School, followed up on a parking complaint at Suffield Plumbing, and took a suspicious person report. Officers took a complaint of no traffic control on Main St. during road construction, and took the complaint to City Administrator who made contact with the company, Kansas Paving.

Sept. 19: Officers provided civil standby, conducted a search of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop, search yielded possession of a marijuana, driver Bradley Berndt, 22, of Herington, was arrested and vehicle was towed.

Sept. 20: Officers attended the Chamber of Commerce lunch at Willy J’s.

Sept. 21: Officers assisted with security at Art in the Park, and took a barking dog complaint.

Sept. 22: Officers issued verbal warning for a resident driving ATV on the street.

Sept. 23: Officers took a report of found property and returned property its to owner.

Sept. 24: Officers responded to two dogs-at-large calls, provided a welfare check, took a report of criminal damage to property from a student at Oaisis, talked to the city office about possible squatters in a house on N. Cedar St., and took a noise complaint.

Sept. 25: Officers issued a verbal warning for illegal parking downtown and in a school zone and issued a verbal warning for an illegal turn in a school zone. Officers took a report of a syringe found in a yard on N. Cedar St., checked on suspicious activity of someone filling up tanks at co-op, responded to an alarm call at 1116 E. Main St, everything OK. Officers spoke to a resident about a no contact order, and to another about prohibited dog breeds, and checked on suspicious activity in the 100 block of S. Roosevelt St.


Sept. 24: Spencer Moffett, 20, of Peabody was arrested and charged with driving with no proof of insurance and expired tags.

Sept. 26: Police took a report of sexual assault, but upon further investigation determined the incident did not happen in this jurisdiction and the case was passed on to the appropriate jurisdiction. Police opened a theft case, which is under investigation.

Sept. 27: Officers worked a non-injury automobile accident.

Sept. 28: Brad Shaw, 30, of Peabody was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a breath test.

Sept. 29: A juvenile subject was arrested on a warrant violation.

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