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incident reports


Sept. 1: Police investigated complaints of a missing pet, criminal damage to property complaints, and trespassing. Officers also removed storm debris from city streets, fingerprinted an individual for employment, and performed a welfare check.

Sept. 2: Officers took a parking complaint and investigated a criminal damage to property complaint.

Sept. 3: Police responded to a fight in progress at Sonic Drive-In, investigated complaints of a reckless driver and parking, and provided traffic enforcement.

Thursday: Officers investigated a vehicle burglary and multiple vehicles in violation of city codes while parked on streets. Police also investigated a reckless driver complaint.

Friday: Officers responded to a sexual harassment complaint and multiple noise complaints.

Saturday: Police picked up a dog at large and transported it to a veterinarian, investigated criminal damage to property and a reckless driver complaint on US-56.


Aug. 18: Officers issued citations for speeding and a dog at large, responded to a non-injury accident, and performed routine business checks downtown, in the park, and at schools.

Aug. 19: Police gave three verbal warnings for speeding, patrolled school zones, and took a report of a skunk that was not located. Officers performed traffic control at the elementary school and completed a bike registry.

Aug. 20: Officers issued a citation for a motorist driving with an expired license.

Aug. 21: Police responded to a report of telephone harassment and provided an inspection of a vehicle identification number.

Aug. 22: Officers gave verbal warnings for inattentive driving and speeding, took a report of an accident at the high school, cleaned patrol vehicles, and performed routine patrols, building checks, and house watches.

Aug. 23: Police gave a verbal warning for unlawful riding on a vehicle, issued a written warning for speeding, and performed routine checks of city and schools.

Aug. 24: Officers responded to a report of a man hearing voices in his head and transported him to the hospital for evaluation. Police also operated radar guns on the highway and downtown.

Aug. 25: Police attended a Clandestine Laboratories Investigation Association conference in Kansas City (multiple day event), provided three VIN inspections, and took two reports of an elderly man slumped over in his wheelchair, who upon investigation turned out to be all right, both times. Officers also responded to an out-of-control juvenile at Oasis Learning Center, took a report of a stolen battery, and assisted with an armed suicidal person.

Aug. 26: Police conducted a traffic stop and issued a citation for to a motorist who was driving 53 mph in a 30 mph zone. Officers removed debris from a roadway and performed routine city patrols and building checks.

Aug. 27: Police participated in the “Bucks for Buckles” program at the high school, took an incident report at Oasis, took a driving complaint, and performed traffic enforcement.

Aug. 28: During a routine traffic stop, officers arrested Luis Perez, 24, of Marion, who allegedly was driving on a suspended license and was in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Aug. 29: Police issued a citation to a motorist who was traveling 81 mph in a 65 mph zone, two warnings for driving against restrictions, two warnings for speeding, and a warning for no brake lights. Officers also took a report of people ringing a doorbell at a residence and then running away.

Aug. 30: Officers issued two speeding citations, gave one warning for speeding, littering, and failure to wear seatbelt. Police also conducted a traffic stop for failure to yield at a stop sign and responded to a report of children playing in the street.

Aug. 31: Officers transported a dog to Animal Health Center after responding to a report of a dog at large. Police also checked on storm damage and gave verbal warnings for speeding and passing in a no-passing zone.

Sept. 1: Officers gave verbal warnings for no tail light and no tag light, took a report of a possible suicidal subject, and responded to a report of woman who wanted a person removed from her home.

Sept. 2: Police performed routine checks around the city and attended Marion City Council meeting.


Sept. 1: Police assisted with a civil issue and trespassing complaint.

Sept. 3: Officers took a report of unsupervised minors. The report will be turned over to the Department of Children and Families. A report was made of a case of battery by one juvenile on another. The case was turned over to the Department of Children and Families where it was investigated and solved. Police arrested Rilee Skeen of Peabody. He was charged with driving with a suspended license.

Monday: Police took a felony theft report of a car trailer.

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